Tender & Jet Ski

Williams 325 Turbojet

This fabulous tender is an experience in its own right and perfect for towing water skiers, shallow water exploration or water taxi.

The T325 will rocket from standstill to 20 knots in four seconds flat and won’t stop until the far side of 40 knots. In common with the entire Turbojet range, such performance is made possible by the torquey 104hp Weber engine driving through a high performance jet pump system

The T325’s spacious layout can accommodate four adults and one child in comfort, with luggage stowed in the forward locker and under the central seat, and her hull length promotes excellent low speed planing ability, giving a supremely stable platform for safe embarking/disembarking. As with all Turbojets the fuel economy is impressive, giving extended use between refuelling for true coastal cruising capability.

Williams turbojet taxis to and from the Samaric motor yacht.

Yamaha WaveRunner Jet ski

People who love being out on the water – enjoying the sheer exhilaration of riding a thoroughbred sports machine or cruising quietly in the backwaters where nature can be seen at its very best – find their own special moments aboard a WaveRunner.

The smooth, quiet, economical engines are the high-performance heart of our Waverunner. Made exclusively for the water from the very beginning, they’re created to perform.

General Watersports Equipment

Flippers, masks, snorkels and basic fishing gear together with inflatable lilo, donut and ski bob, water skis and wakeboards.