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Jun 10

[Russian] Champions of the sea

[Russian] It only takes one glance at Samaric to realise that this vessel is a cut above your average motor yacht. But what you might not know is that aboard this first-class boat, there is a crew with as much ocean knowledge as the local marine life, who have been... read more →
Apr 18
Apr 12

[Russian] Mallorcan Magnificence with Samaric Upgrade

[Russian] The deluxe motor yacht Samaric just got even more luxurious with a mechanical makeover, allowing guests aboard this floating haven to feel like royalty. The internal mechanics have been revamped to bring them up to state-of-the-art standards. This includes the yacht’s stabilisers, which have been renewed to ensure the... read more →
Jan 18
Montefino 76 MBY 10/2009

Выкл Для рынка

Это все о выставках и рынках на Майорке в ноябре этого года. 19 ноября, ярмарка Dijou Бо в Inca находится остров Крупнейший сельскохозяйственная ярмарка, показывая рыночные прилавки, парк развлечений, животных, сельское хозяйство, музыка и танцы. Просто сесть на поезд из Пальмы. Далее идет очаровательная Оливковое ярмарка в горах. На 21-й... read more →
Relaxing and reading a book on the Samaric Motor Yacht near Mallorca. Luxury interior in the Samaric Motor Yacht. Samaric Motor Yacht anchored in a mediterranean bay. Samaric's Seadoo Jetski in action off the coast of Spain. Samaric Yacht cruising off the Coast of Southern Spain. Motor Yacht & Swimming Holiday. Al fresco dining on the Samaric Motor Yacht. Enjoying the warm Spanish weather off the coast.